Assessment Task Value Due Date
Reading Quizzes 5% Weeks 1-8
Lab Exercises 5% Each class period
Assignment 1 10% Week 4 (9th April)
Mid-semester in-class exam 20% Week 6 (29th April)
Assignment 2 10% Week 9 (20th May)
Data Analysis Practical Exam 20% Week 11 (3rd June)
Project Submission 30% Week 11


Information to complete the assignments is below:

Assignment Due.Date Instructions Zipfile
1 2020/04/09 at 5pm here zip
2 2020/05/20 at 6pm here zip


Project instructions and project groups. Please check the project groups for any discrepancies.

There are several ways to do the storyboard:

Past Example projects from ETC1010:

Examples from different web sites:

Practical Exam

The exam will be conducted in week 11. These are similar in presentation to assignments but you have a shorter amount of time to complete them. You will be given an Rmd file and some data. Inside the Rmd are questions to help guide you through a data analysis.

You are expected to answer all of the questions inside the Rmd, and then submit both the Rmd and compiled html file to ED within 24 hours. In previous versions of the course the exam has taken students about 60 minutes to 90 minutes to complete.

Midsemester test information

Past test: